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All About Jesus

All About Jesus

All About Jesus Series Feb 3-11, 2023 Have you ever wondered how to... - really give God your heart? - surrender your will to Christ? - develop a personal relationship with Jesus? - become a contagious Christian? Join us as Pastor Gary Venden shares valuable insight...

Tradition: Christmas @ Gracepoint

Tradition: Christmas @ Gracepoint

Christmas @ Gracepoint Saturday, Dec. 24 10:00 a.m. Worship service 12:00 p.m. Christmas treats Join us on Christmas Eve at 10:00 a.m. as we explore how the Christmas Story impacts our own story & traditions.

Pastor’s Blog: Plus

PLUS When I learned to add, the teacher used phrases like, “two plus seven equals nine.”  So, when I talked about what I was learning, I called it “plussing.”  It took me a while to stop describing addition as plussing. However, I think it may need to come back into...

Pastor’s Blog: You ARE the Salt

You ARE the Salt Jesus was speaking to the disciples and the crowd that gathered to listen to the sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew 5. In there is the vision for the role of Jesus’ disciples, “You are the salt of the earth!” Don’t jump immediately to the next...

The Heart of God Still

We are once again heartbroken as a war has been instigated. Russia is attacking the Ukraine. The internet has taken us to the front lines for live reports, and once again I am drawn to the effect this will have on the children. And I wonder has Jesus been longing to draw those modern children to Himself for protection. There have been some reports of miraculous things taking place where bombs miss or don’t detonate, equipment fails just when families need it to do so. Keep praying.