You ARE the Salt

Jesus was speaking to the disciples and the crowd that gathered to listen to the sermon on the Mount recorded in Matthew 5. In there is the vision for the role of Jesus’ disciples, “You are the salt of the earth!” Don’t jump immediately to the next line about the worthlessness of salt that has lost its saltiness. Just stay for a minute on those words.

You are the salt of the earth. That is your role. You add the flavor of heaven to a world that knows something is missing but can’t figure out what it is.

Since refrigeration has become a widely available commodity in the first world, we don’t consider the other use for salt in times past. Salt was used and highly valued for its ability to preserve food. If a person were to keep any of the abundance of meat they had been blessed with, they would have to salt and dry it. Salt was beneficial in preserving food as an effective barrier to decay.

So, there is a second application that would have been clear to the listener on the hill that day. Though the disciples were the primary audience, Jesus’ words were there to touch the people that were part of the faith. Judaism was to be a blessing to the world, and Christianity was to be the next generation of that blessing.

You and I are that today. Keep flavoring your neighborhood. Keep reaching out by phone to one another and any other you can bless.

God is present where you are. The grace you carry is His, and the love you share comes from Him. You are enough! You are the salt of the earth!

The church is not an address!