When my wife and I were in college together she had two horses. The horses were boarded on campus, and since she worked and took classes at the farm. As a result, she could take care of the horses easily. During that time, I would occasionally ride the trails around our school with her. At some point, I ended up transporting a bale of oat hay in the oversized trunk of my car. (I regularly used that car like a truck)

I was certainly not going to take the time to vacuum the hay up immediately, so I unloaded, closed the trunk, and promptly forgot about the mess. This car that I have many fond memories of had several “broke kid’s college car” problems. One thing was that the rubber seal around the trunk. It was suffering from old age; it had dried up a bit and was prone to leaking a little. Completely out of sight and out of mind the car sat in a parking lot for a few weeks of rain.

Eventually, I needed to use the car. I opened the trunk and was shocked. Many if not all of the seeds that had fallen out of that hay bale were now growing in the trunk of my car. Rooted into the carpet and reaching for the sky it was undeniable that I had a trunk lawn. This may or may not be unique to me, but I was shocked, embarrassed, and a little amused. (I’d actually love to hear the stories behind other trunk lawns. pastorwalt@graceisthepoint.org)

Does your life have a “trunk lawn” of its own right now? Growing hidden somewhere just waiting to shock you when you casually open the lid. The worst thing about something growing in the dark is the light reveals it to others as well. The hardest thing about this silly story at the moment was the embarrassment. Brenda was standing right there. It could be amusing to me at first, but her presence made me feel like I should have done something about it.

I wonder about that old trunk lawn of mine. If I had not opened the lid when I did, just how tall would it have grown? Would it have grown around the back seat and made itself known to some unsuspecting passenger? Would it have found the cracks in the rubber seal and started waving at passersby? It is certain that I would have eventually had to deal with it.

Today I want to encourage you to deal with whatever thing my little lawn has brought to mind. It can only grow in the dark. If it were in the light, you would have been forced to deal with it by now.

God would love to help you with it.