I was reading a story today that I clipped some years ago and had entirely forgotten about. It was the story a father had written about the accidental death of his teen daughter. It was tragic.  As a father and grandfather, my heart aches for him. The story was written sometime after her death, but the pain was still palpable as he walked through his loss in an attempt to care for the living.
I was stirred by the thoughtfully considered final comments that he made. He changed his personal pronoun to a plural when he wrote, 
While we don’t fully understand why things happen as they do on this planet, we are confident that the day (she) needed Jesus most was not that day she drowned. No, the day Mindy will need Jesus most is resurrection morning, and on that day He will be there for her…”
Feeling the hope and the pain I stopped to consider his words. They were hopeful and forward-leaning. He was clearly going to wear the sorrow of that tragic day for the rest of his life. But he was living beyond the afflictions. Looking to a future for our broken planet when all pain would cease. 
I have never considered his hierarchy of days most needed in life. I have not had to really weigh the importance of one day over another with the author’s scales. I am informed by his understanding in a manner that I have not been prior. I sense a wonder. His words are true. No day is more important to the believer than the day of Jesus’ return. I feel the depth of his searching in his conclusion.
On that day the fist-tight grip of sin will be broken, all the suffering, pain, and death of this earthly home, will be swept away. Families will, by the billions, will be reborn. Yes, that is the day when we all will need Jesus the most, and He will be there for us. Because then we need Him most!
May God bless you and hold you as you wait.
My heartfelt thanks to the unnamed author for sharing such painful memories, out of them has come hope.