1 Cor. 13   God is love … Love does not demand its own way

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was released in 1971. Jean Wilder is at his best as the owner of a candy factory looking for a successor. In a rambling scheme that brings children to the mysterious factory for a tour Wonka has devised a plan to find a successor. While on the tour Wonka observes the values of the children in what amounts to an all-day interview. The story unveils bad behaviors in one child after another. They and their families suffer the consequences of everything from gluttony to a TV addiction and are removed from the tour.

One of Mr. Wonka’s guests came to mind when I was considering how I might describe a demanding person. Her name was Veruca Salt. As a young boy I remember watching the movie thinking about how horribly she was behaving.  “I want a golden ticket now, daddy!” she screams as we are introduced to her. Her father obediently shuts down his factory and for three days as all his employees opened chocolate bars looking for the ticket to Wonka’s tour.

On the tour of the factory, she demands that her father buy her a goose that lays golden eggs. (One of many unusual candy production methods) Singing and dancing her way around the chocolate egg room Veruca declares that she wants the whole world NOW! She finally stands atop the egg sorting machine. Set up by the storyline I anticipated the next event. The machine determines that she is a bad egg, pink velvet covered trap doors open and send her down the garbage shoot. Followed shortly thereafter by her father.

It is a silly story about kids and a magical chocolate factory, right? But the Apostle identifies this childish, selfish, me first concept as anti-love.

In a world where we are accustomed to gratification of most any desire at the click of a mouse, or an oh so tedious, drive to the store, are we in danger? We apply this clause to pushy bosses, and demanding co-workers. “They have to have everything their way”. But do I ever fall into this same pink velvet covered shoot?

What is the ideal? If demonstrating love is our goal, the interests and needs of others may need our attention. This is not the call of God to be a door mat for the world. It is the call to have the strength to put someone else ahead by choice.

I like being around and working with people that want the best for all of us not just for themselves. I like working for people that are seeking the advantage of all. I think I’d like to be a person that did not demand my own way in the end. After all, as Willy Wonka so clearly proved the spoiled and self-seeking are really bad eggs.

Blessings as you seek to be a better lover.


Self-seeking – seeking only to further one’s own interests

1 Corinthians 13:4-5  “Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud  or rude. It does not demand its own way …