The experience of the last six months has put the world into a waiting cycle. We have been trying to anticipate things we cannot see. At the beginning of COVID-19, we hung on the words of the CDC and the WHO waiting to hear how we should respond to this new virus. We put or faith in them.
During our wait, we have heard many experts with differing opinions about how dangerous this virus really is, and so we’ve begun to lose faith in them. As a result, fear has begun to replace faith in nation after nation around the world.
I want to talk about what we can do while we wait to resist fear.
First, count your blessings. This bit of wisdom has carried previous generations through wars, violence, and uncertainties. It is not an act of mental trickery. It is an act of defiance. It allows a person to see beyond the bad news. If your blessings come from God, then God is still sovereign in the world. Recalling them simply reminds you of that.
Second, mind the little things. It is easy to let things slide when trauma strikes. Daniel the prophet of Israel and the political prisoner in Babylon had seen his nation destroyed. He had been taken captive, made a slave, and put in a re-education program. Without control over any part of his life, he took his stand on the issue of food.
Kosher laws and rules about handling food were very important to Israel but he is risking his life over food! Why? He and his three friends chose to pick one physical act of devotion to God as a place to declare their allegiance.
This was a declaration of their identity. No matter how Babylon saw them they chose to see themselves as followers of God. Your definition of who you are is a very powerful thing. When someone asks about you the first words you use are telling. Are you describing yourself to them and to you by your work, or your role, or your faith? You get to choose how you will be identified. 
For a “follower of God” to place their faith as the primary declaration about themselves is to define how they will live in all other arenas. No matter the external circumstances.
So, while we wait; let’s count the blessings that the sovereign Lord has given us and stand by the small acts that set the tone of our spiritual identity. Troubles come and go but these are a couple of tried and true foundations.
Your faith is evidence of things unseen.