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The Lie

It’s not as simple as it seems. God’s prohibition against lying

What would full disclosure do to my prayer life? I bet it would make my prayers more interesting to listen to.

Dead Flowers

There are many things about our broken world that I am looking forward to seeing change. For one, the inevitable way that selfishness creeps into everything.

God is love … Love does not keep a record of wrongs

The Bible says that God casts the sins that we bring to Him into the depths of the sea and chooses to remember them no more.

You are loved like that.Why are you keeping a record of wrongs? What are you going to do with that file you have in your brain, or even in your desk?

God is love … Love does not brag ..

Is there anything that we are blessed with be it be it physical, mental or tactile that God has not given? Thankfulness is our response to a gift not pride or bragging.

God is love … Love is not rude

less directly understood is the equivalence of these things to the nature of God. In today’s example, God is love and love is not rude, so God is not rude.  And since it is an equivalent formula; God is not rude and God is love, so love is not rude.