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In this page our opinion is published to clarify open discussions of our daily walk with God.

Reaching the Mark

As a Christian, I am encouraged to measure up to The Jesus Standard. Talk about feeling insignificant. Try setting your life up next to the Son of God. His life actually reset the measurement of time back to one.

Trunk Lawn

When my wife and I were in college together she had two horses. The horses were boarded on campus, and since she worked and took classes at the farm. As a result, she could take care of the horses easily. During that time, I would occasionally ride the trails around...

The Day We Need Jesus Most

I have never considered his hierarchy of days most needed in life. I have not had to really weigh the importance of one day over another


I want to remind you that God is your greatest fan. Your successes are recorded by Him. Your failures are heartbreaking to Him. He knows all your stats. He comes to all your games. He always cheers for you. And like baseball, He is rooting for you to get home.


the Fear of Missing Out, has a strong grip on many if not all of us.
I’ve been thinking about the “fear of missing out” in heaven today

Grace Lane Craft Market

Grace Lane Craft Market

Over 35 Local Artisans! Crafts • Jewelries • Clothing • Fine Art • Housewares • Treats • Rise Elixirs & Espresso • Live Music