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In this page our opinion is published to clarify open discussions of our daily walk with God.


If fear is the beginning of wisdom, it only takes knowledge of the person that you fear to settle the matter. If the person is malicious then further protections must be put in place. If the person loves you, being connected to them tips the scales in your favor. This is true on playgrounds and in the grand dynamic of God and man.

It Has to Be You

Before John faced the blade of the executioner, Jesus gave him the assurance he needed. He let his own friends tell him what they had discovered personally about Jesus.


In the embodiment of love, God came to the earth and did it quietly, as one of us, so we could learn to trust His motives.

The Ultimate Decision

this was not a human that gave himself as the sacrifice for man; the choices to abandon the cross and mankind were there until his last breath!

Just Cut the Wood

Is God calling you to a ministry? Just deliver on today. Abraham did not need faith for the sacrifice, he just needed the faith to cut the wood.