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In this page our opinion is published to clarify open discussions of our daily walk with God.

Living Broken

Let’s not forget that the virus that is attaching itself to our world right now is part of a bigger issue. The root problem with our planet is sin. Our bodies function very well in this cesspool we call home. If you think that is an overstatement, estimates are that...

Searching for What?

I don’t particularly like searching. For one it means that I have likely lost something of value to me. This freaks me out, leaving me to be frantic about my search. It’s tax season and there is probably no more frantic search for me than the search for a missing...


If fear is the beginning of wisdom, it only takes knowledge of the person that you fear to settle the matter. If the person is malicious then further protections must be put in place. If the person loves you, being connected to them tips the scales in your favor. This is true on playgrounds and in the grand dynamic of God and man.

It Has to Be You

Before John faced the blade of the executioner, Jesus gave him the assurance he needed. He let his own friends tell him what they had discovered personally about Jesus.