In the book of Revelation, we see a picture of an all-powerful global government controlling every aspect of human life, particularly as it relates to worship. It’s a tyrannical organization trying to get all mankind to unite in the worship of a government-sanctioned religion and nothing else. In my lifetime, I have thought of this in many ways.

At first, I was sure it would happen before I finished my education. I even considered not going to college lest Jesus comes before I might finish. I did go to college and here we are…

Over the years as a pastor, I was asked how a person could be ready for Jesus to come. One person actually put it this way, “Pastor, you need to preach on the end of time so that I can be ready for Jesus to come!” The person was intent on the topic and angry for my lack of performance. I had been pondering the implications of grace on the preparation for the end of the world. So, I answered, “Preparation for the end of time is not about timing it is about knowing Jesus.”

Sometime after that many assumed that Jesus would come by the year 2000, and many people jumped on a millennial fear announcing the immediacy of the return of Jesus. Some argued that the new millennium aligned with a 6000-year history of the earth and the millennium appointment with God in Revelation 20. It came and went and still here we are…

I still believe that the end of time is not about knowing the when but the who. We have spent so much time trying to “know” the time of the end as a security blanket, that many have neglected the Jesus of the end of time!

Now that I have lived in the midst of the CORONA virus and fear as a political strategy, I am reminded of the warnings of chapter thirteen of Revelation again. I am tempted to turn to fear, to look for a date to hang my hope on, but I don’t think it’s helpful to predict the date of the end. There is only one fact that matters when the end comes. Am I looking forward to seeing Jesus or am I trying to hide from Him?

I don’t know what you are feeling about the end of time right now. Is it close, is it a long way off is it frightening? I can still say without question, “Jesus is coming, and the timing is not that important!”

What is important is that you know Him? Have you told your friends about Him? If He comes in your lifetime all that will matter is that you are following Him. If so, His appearance will be welcomed.

I hope you are certain that you are going home at the end of earthly time. And that the coming of Jesus is good news to you. If not, reach out to me and we can talk about it.


Pastor Walt