One night the father of the nation of Israel lay sleeping in the wilderness. A fugitive from his family and his own deceptive actions, as he lay sleeping, he was shown a ladder, and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it, between earth and heaven. In that night God called him to be about heavenly business and promised him that He would make a great outcome out of Jacob’s broken start. It took hundreds of years for that to happen, but God was faithful to His promise.

May this ladder be a reminder to us today. As Ravi Zacharias said, “In politics the concern is all about left and right, but God calls us to be concerned about up and down.”

It seems like this topic is becoming a regular for this blog, but I am concerned about the politics that are grabbing the church. I am not asking you to be a non-participant, you should engage and vote and support the individuals you think are serving the people best. But those judgements should be guided by the morals and values of the Bible.

People who have repeatedly claimed that the only truth is the one that the individual defines for themselves are crippled by the impossibility of that truth. As more and more people have tried to pursue this ultimate autonomy the strange though natural outgrowth of their pursuit is a kind of tribalism that seeks to defame and cancel persons that holds a different belief. (We humans are a strange bunch)

Now in full flower it has the Western world blown about tossed like a rudderless ship by every new wind that courses across the hills. But believers must not be tossed about like this. We need to hold more firmly to the values of the Word of God. We are on a different path and we can’t allow ourselves to be swept along with people who hate the very name of God.

Some people that believe that all wins and losses are measured only by money have missed that very important teaching that, “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Some leaders that seek a utopian vision where those who govern right all wrongs and balance all scales forget the very important testimony of God himself, “I am God and there is no other.” We cannot run to men for answers to a brokenness that is intrinsic to our very nature. We are broken, distorted on the inside by the crushing force of sin.

Pride calls us to think we can change another man’s heart, when we can’t even wrestle our own into submission. God alone can and does make either of these changes.

As believers we are called to stand against evil by exhibiting love. Let us stand against the devaluation of humanity that allows for the killing of babies on the altar of convenience, and the euthanizing of the elderly because they are a drag on our resources. When a human being is allowed to be described as a mass of protoplasm no matter how small or large then we are likely to tumble into a Darwinian hell that allows for the elimination of entire races of people because some powerful group decides they are a problem or a less evolved class.

We cannot align ourselves with movements that are anti-God, or that espouse values that tear down faith. Remember please that as much as we would like it to be different utopia exists only after sin is eradicated by God.

God will wipe away every tear from the eyes of humanity, then there will be no more death or sorrow or crying… (Revelation 21:4) – That is the utopia we look forward to!

Every time humans have promised utopian ends their broken nature has taken over and since 1917 over one hundred million lives have been taken in the name of such egalitarian utopia’s. Remember our call is to help people in the world find the ultimate solution is Jesus. Certainly, we should love our neighbor and relieve the suffering we find, personally. But the church that has intertwined with government to manage even the most positive change has historically lost its way.

My heart aches for what I see, but the answer is still more Jesus, in more lives living love.

Be Prayerful, Be Hopeful, Be Love, By Faith it can make a world of difference;