Good, Bad, and Jesus

Funny how things change. A week ago, I was so upset about what had happened to George Floyd who was brutalized by Derek Chauvin while being arrested.  This week I am beyond frustrated with the people around the country taking advantage of a man’s death as their excuse to pillage and burn shops and businesses across America. Mr. Floyd may not have been a stellar character, but his memory should not be associated with the anarchy and violence that has shown itself in the last week.

There are bad cops in the world. There are bad people in the world. We know it and we should not step up to defend the indefensible. We need to stand with those who call for an end to racism. We are no longer defined by our race, or politics, or any other thing but our relationship with Jesus. The people of this planet are our family, created by our Father in heaven and imbued by Him with rights and identities that are of His choosing and by His design.

Jesus’ death was not for one group or another. Jesus died for all mankind, broken as we all are! Jesus’ promise to all of us was a transformation that would change our picture of ourselves, and our relationship to each other. I have been bothered by people who have thought their fellow man was of lesser value than they for a myriad of reasons. Some think that a person who owns a large corporation and makes a billion dollars a year can’t possibly be a good person. But Jesus died for that person, God is trying to save that person just as hard as He is you.  I chose the rich person because they are an acceptable whipping boy.

Once we claim to follow Jesus, we don’t get a whipping boy, not even Derek Chauvin, because God might yet save them and build their mansion next to ours. According to some reports, convicted mass murder Jeffery Dahmer was converted before he died.  It freaks me out, but that dude could be in heaven and so might we! All people no matter how else they are defined are people God loves, and Jesus died for. EVERYONE!

So, it is that I am mad at officer Chauvin, I think that he should be punished for this horrible act and I am mad at these yahoos running the streets using Mr. Floyd’s death as a reason to rob people, burn buildings and even kill others.

We as believers cannot come to their defense! Our feelings aside, what was done was evil, and adding even more evil on our streets just makes it worse, not better. Jesus does not call His children to this practice; He calls us to open our hearts to people that are different. And know that they are our family in Christ! It is time to listen; It is time to humble ourselves; It is time to love; It is time to pray.

God loves every person in this story.