The Lord is my shepherd, I have no wants, the Lord makes me lie down in green pastures, the Lord leads me beside the still water, the Lord restores my soul.

Psalm 23:1-3

In turbulent moments it does us no good to watch the storm gathering, the course of action is to find shelter. Right now, people are jockeying for my attention by shouting about the coming storm, so that they can get better ratings for their show than their competitors, But, where is my shelter? The wide world has refused the Lordship of Christ and are now trying to control chaos with better information, or with smarter market decisions.

But sadly, they have no one to restore their soul. Today please don’t refuse our good shepherd when He points you away from the noise and into the pastures. When you are led to the still water hear the sound, know the care that it represents and drink deeply of its refreshment. Jesus is your protector, He is your assurance, He is attempting to restore your soul.

It is your soul that is the place of peace.