Let’s not forget that the virus that is attaching itself to our world right now is part of a bigger issue. The root problem with our planet is sin. Our bodies function very well in this cesspool we call home. If you think that is an overstatement, estimates are that you breath in about 100 million viruses a day 1. Don’t freak out many are harmless and your body deals with the onslaught quite well. (1 www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk) But their prevalence in our air is the point. We are covered continuously by the result of sin, but it feels as normal as water to a fish.

We were designed with an immune system because our world is dangerous. We adapt to the various diseases, broken bones, scrapes, cuts and even surgeries because God made our bodies to deal with sin and its results. It is impossible to know what God changed after the fall but the outcomes are common to all of us. It is clear from Scripture that pain as we know it will be removed when God remakes this planet. (Rev 21:4) But pain is a very important ally on our broken planet.

As leprosy expert, Dr. Paul Brandt clarified in his book, “The Gift of Pain” co-authored with Phillip Yancey – The core problems with leprosy is that it takes away the patient’s ability to feel pain. When that happens, they can injure themselves, have an infection or even forget to blink. All of these would be avoided largely by the perception of pain. Pain tells us when we have come in contact with something that can cause us harm. Pain seems to have been one of God’s designed adaptations.

By now you have learned of the concept of “herd immunity”. The problem with this virus is that it is new to our bodies and our immunities have no play book for fighting it. So, the expectation is that enough people will either be immunized by contact or by the injection of a vaccine which will give the body the all-important play book. That is referred to as herd immunity, yes, they are calling us a herd. The important thing is that when enough of us tip the scales of immunity the danger will dramatically diminish. We are designed by God to do just that.

As we face COVID 19 we are facing human reality since the fall. Remember we live in that little cul-de-sac where Satan’s alternate plan, sin, has been allowed to demonstrate the real nature of evil. We live where the power to choose rebellion has resulted in pain, suffering and death. And though that is in clear focus at this moment most of the time we call it normal.

This place where we live is not what God intended, suffering is not what God intended, death is not what God intended!

God saw today and has made provision for it in your immune system. The final answer to all of this earth’s ills will be the return of Jesus. At that moment we will be changed until then I am praising God for the gift of my immune system.

Fight fear with faith, be the church, the church is not an address,