I don’t particularly like searching. For one it means that I have likely lost something of value to me. This freaks me out, leaving me to be frantic about my search. It’s tax season and there is probably no more frantic search for me than the search for a missing document that the taxman might want. It’s instant anxiety and elevated stress. (I wonder if there are more heart attacks during tax season?)

I have searched for keys, my cell phone, the bread or even my car in the parking lot. Most of the time the successful result of my search is the return of peace. I have what I was looking for in my possession again and equilibrium being restored I breathe a little easier. Lately I must admit I have not been at peace with the COVID 19 news. Now it really does not matter how you are taking this news; it is disruptive to the norms of life.

So, people have tried to find peace in the trial by shopping, and for some reason buying out the toilet paper supply of the planet. (Yes, they are doing the same thing in other first world countries.) The empty shelves both amuse me and cause me a little stress.

(And by the way no one has been able to tell me what TP has to do with this virus, but I do feel like I need to buy some. Weird!)

Now that many counties in Northern California are starting to insist that people stay home there is bound to be more stress.

If you are felling the trauma of the moment let me point you to a more fruitful search than a buying spree can provide. This comment is in the book of Chronicles, but you can find it in many places in the Bible – “Search for the Lord and for HIS strength; continually seek HIM. Remember the wonders he has performed…” 1 Chronicles 16:11-12

The text points to our faith as the answer for our fear. Most believer know this, but we likely need a little nudge these days. The text also reminds us to reflect on what God has done thus far. “Remember the wonders he has performed”. To take a few moments to count your blessings, to consider what it is that God has done for you and for your family will remind you that you can trust Him. It certainly does for me.

Bless someone today, dispel fear and share faith;