Lauren Daigel has become one of my favorite Christian music artists. I’m certainly not alone in this; since 2015, her unique voice has brought her international acclaim. Recently, her song “Rescue”—from the album Look Up, Child—has pierced through all the noise and played as a soundtrack in my mind.

I assume this happens to you too.

I have heard the song many times, but only recently did I start to really listen to it. (There is a difference!) The main line through the song is the voice of God saying, “I will send out army to find you in the middle of the darkest night. It’s true; I will rescue you.”

This beautifully echoes the parable of the lost sheep—and it’s very personal. What Jesus did in coming to our little blue planet was most assuredly a rescue mission.

Having this idea internalized from day to day through Daigel’s musical reminder has been encouraging. I admit that most of the time, I don’t feel particularly in need of rescue. But that is the problem; right? I am desperately in need of rescue from the “armpit of the universe”—even though I am well accustomed to living on it our planet is infested with sin and death.

Perhaps I am at least subconsciously aware of my need, because this song always strikes a chord. It also keeps reminding me of God’s willing, able offer.

I look forward to the final crescendo of His rescue. On days of significant loss or hardship, I hope for it to come soon. The great news is that the mission to rescue us began long before you and I were ever around.

In the embodiment of love, God came to the earth and did it quietly, as one of us, so we could learn to trust His motives.

I like this soundtrack in my head. It’s reassuring to know He will rescue me.

And He will rescue you. It’s true.