What is enough? According to one dictionary, the word “enough” means “as much as required.” Well, how much is required? Apparently, as an adult male, approximately 1,800 calories is enough to fuel my body’s essential functions if I limit physical demands. (Sadly, typing does not burn a lot of calories.)

Next up: How much money is enough? How much time off is enough?

All of these things vary from person to person, of course, but if we don’t carefully consider them, we can quickly fall into the discontented habits that human selfishness normally produces. So, just for a moment, consider how much stuff is enough for you. Do you have as much as you require? If not, in what areas of life do you want more?

I’ll be honest—I don’t actually require more food in my house right now. I have food stored away like a squirrel over-planning for winter. I don’t actually need more money either; I am surviving just fine on what my wife and I make. And I don’t need more stuff; I have a house and a garage mostly full of stuff.

But is there any area of life that I “need” more?

I venture to say that I need more patience. I need more humility. I need more selflessness, graciousness, and thoughtfulness— generally, I need more virtues.

I think I need more God.

I can’t imagine ever believing that I have enough God. But much of the time I live as if I need more stuff but have enough God. After all, I’ve heard a lot about God—I know the stories pretty well, and I can argue with the best of them about how other people should live.

You and I live in a world that, according to the Bible, is not going to last forever. But we are trapped by the basic needs of our life. We gather up stuff for survival and then gather more for a rainy day … then gather more because we want it and then because we can.

But I need more God and less stuff.

I need more God because I need to be a better husband, friend, and father. In my experience, God is the only one making that happen.

How about you? Do you have enough God? Think about it.