Sitting in my New Testament theology class the professor used the phrase, “The New Testament is teaching that God’s will is already done though not yet seen.”

Let that blow your mind for a second…

Hebrews 10:14 says, “For by that one offering He forever made perfect those who are being made holy.”

Jesus death made it possible for us to be declared perfect even though we are still in the process of transformation.

Therefore we have righteousness by faith in Jesus’ righteousness, Jesus’ sacrifice and Jesus’ resurrection. It is already true for those who have chosen to accept this gift though we are still walking the road to holiness.

In the arrival of mankind on the planet all of this was known. The cross was already true in God’s foreknowledge as He breathed life into Adam. God knew we were going to sin. God knew we were going to cost the Godhead the birth and physical sacrifice of the creator.

In the arrival of Jesus in the womb of a young woman heaven knew the difficult path He would take for our salvation. As God was delivered one night in a stable into the hands of a young carpenter and his wife He knew that there was know way for them to understand what was already true about this child.

When the angels announced the blessings ahead for man the cross loomed over that stable as certainly as the star.

The plan of salvation was certain when the Spirit of God moved over the face of the water of a lonely little blue planet.  The cost was clear when the gift of life was given to Adam! When earth’s air first filled the lungs of Jesus His last breath on the cross was known.


“Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!”  (2 Cor. 9:15)

You’re invitation is already final, the date is already planned, the gift has already been purchased. “Please join the family for dinner around God’s table!” It’s already prepared though not yet eaten.

Merry Creation – Merry Christmas – Merry Redemption