For many years, I have been thinking about a phrase spoken by Jesus that I believe represents His mission statement: “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”

A more abundant life—what would that look like? Does that mean more money? Food? Time? Or maybe more work and a better house or car … or what? If I follow biblical guidelines for my health and my behavior, it could certainly mean more years added to my life. Practicing Christians live longer on average than those not practicing Christianity—but are we really looking merely for more years?

We live on a planet where every day deals its own slice of suffering. Do we really want more days? Well, I don’t want fewer days, certainly—but I don’t want more sorrow either.

Could abundance be more than time? Could it be more than stuff?

Whatever it is, it is certainly more than enough!

The idea that we don’t have to live with a heart full of scarcity would be a big deal.

Imagine if we always felt that there was enough for everyone. Consider all the times when we act on a subtle or not-so-subtle fear that things will run out before we get what’s ours. It makes us frantic, and it makes us selfish in the way we deal with one another.

A friend of mine was the new principal of a failing school. The first thing he did when he arrived at the school was to create a waiting list for new applicants. The sense of scarcity caused a rush to enroll and the school turned around. It is a fact of our broken human nature that if something is scarce, we consider it more valuable.

Jesus said you and I could have a life of abundance—more love, greater connection, unbounded forgiveness, ever-growing faith, and when aligned with Scriptural practice, the best possible day-to-day walk.

But what I want while I walk in this world of suffering and lack is a new set of eyes. Eyes that see the abundance. That way, I can know that I will be okay because God watches over me. My eyes see Him watching me—they never stop seeing the abundance He offers. I would naturally gain a heart of generosity because there is always plenty of that to go around.

How about you? Are you up for an abundant transformation?




Phil 1:3