Late in the afternoon on the first day of the week at Gracepoint eight representatives of the faith community in our corner of the world made the first cut in the earth that will support our new worship center.

It occurs to me that this is the intersection of a great many things. At this point the prayers of many collide with opening of God’s hand. The planning that has taken years of effort thought and design by about thirty laymen, two architects, three contractors and multiple other volunteers.

This is not only the culmination of many things it is the opening of a new vector of actions, moving toward the completion of the worship center and the cornerstone project envisioned by the builder of the original building.

This new building that could house upwards of three million people in its life span.

There are so many to thank.

My heartfelt thanks go to the visionaries that decided that a church in Rocklin was God’s plan and joined hands with him to see it planted.

I am grateful to the group of fewer than 100 people started it all, pledging their financial support to the building of a Multi-purpose facility on this prominent corner in our town.

I am so thankful for the members of the building committee, DesCore’s Grant Rosenbaum and KAP’s Kelly Maves for hundreds of hours of work on Gracepoint’s behalf designing and refining this building. May God redeem the time you have given to bless you.

I get a tear in my eye when I consider the financial sacrifices big and small that are coming to the table knowing full well that there will be days of more need ahead. May God pour blessings on you all that cannot be contained!

In the picture below you will see a glimpse of young leaders at our church who secure the future by their commitment, vision and effort. (They are younger than you think)

A few months ago, knowing that the church was pushing forward with efforts to build a new building a group of children decided to help raise money. They put their heads together and with the help of their childcare provider Liz Peterson built a Lemonade stand.

They made lemonade, stood watch at the stand and earned $130.00 for our church. Given that their income in at best negligible, this might be the largest per-capita gift made to our church in it’s near 25-year existence. Thank you young visionaries!




Phil 1:3