Faith is better when I pursue it in the beauty of the life of Jesus. I know that this can seem daunting. To consider a faith relationship with God in the light of the faith of Jesus is to put myself on the shores of the eternal, alongside the full representation of the Godhead.
When we try to do this as action solely, it is hardening. Our lack of ability seems highlighted and in the spotlight, making us not only incapable but eventually unwilling to keep trying.

But I am not talking about purely action here. I am talking about admiration and contextualization.

I am talking about the walk we have with God being done in the glow of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus cut huge swaths through the ineffective processes for faith that pervaded His day and the human heart, leaving behind examples of what really works at the transformative level.

Attitudes do more for my heart than actions alone can produce in me. Transformation that touches motivations changes not only actions, but also the heart.

When we peruse faith in admiration of the way Jesus treated people and cared about God’s will, we align with more than His hands—we begin to take on His thinking. As the thoughts go, so goes the heart.

So stand on the shores of the immeasurable and consider the life of Jesus, stare at the distant horizon of His example and learn to walk on the water with Him.


Phil 1:3