Spurgeon preached a sermon that I have never read but have always loved the title of, “The Hound of Heaven”. The gist of the sermon is that God will pursue you like a bloodhound all of your life.

Of course, now I have images of the escaping prisoner running through the woods with the sounds of hounds baying at his heels – and it’s a little disorienting spiritually.

That aside, the idea that God will seek a relationship with each individual on the planet is beautiful to me. The how of such a quest is also hard to imagine but that it is true is both obvious and amazing.

It is true because a healthy parent does the same thing. Just last night I prayed with a family that was heartbroken over the division that had grown between them and their children. I have five children and distance from any of them is hard for me to deal with no matter the reason.

If we could be this way it stands as reasonable logic that our creator would be tracking us better than we do our children, on the simple principle that you cannot put into your creation what you do not have.

Beyond this is the argument of personal experience. People who do not pursue a relationship with God can often feel His pursuit. I had a man tell me to stop praying for Him because God was getting to close. (I did not stop and God won.)

Many times I hear the testimony of a person who says something like “God has always been a part of my life” even though the rest of their story confesses a life completely out of sink with God and or Biblical ideologies.

It is amazing that God would concern Himself with you or me at all, but that God would pursue a relationship with us is mind-blowing.

It leaves us with a corollary behavior.

To be the kind of people that step into a relationship instead of forcing others to come to us. To be the person that has a “glad to see you” spirit.

Willow Creek Pastor Bill Hybels described it as walking across the room. Austin Savage of the Unstuck Group calls it the “there you are attitude rather than the here I am attitude.”

Beyond “approachable” – be a person that seeks ways to approach and bless others. It’s another way to imitate Jesus, who came all the way to our little blue planet because that was where you were.



Phil 1:3