In a recent poll of 1,000 Americans, 800 said that the morals of America are worse than they used to be. Do you find yourself agreeing with this sentiment?

And if so, is it at least partly your fault that morals are worse?

In Alexis de Tocqueville’s observations of American culture, he writes about the impact of religion on American values, calling it “indispensable to the maintenance of republican institutions” <em>(Democracy in America, Our Republic).</em>

So I ask—if we are complaining about the lack of values in our country, shouldn’t we be doing something about it? Should those of us who believe in God and the Bible be a part of changing that situation?

Perhaps the better question is what to do.

“Legislating morality” has failed as often as it has been tried. So what is it that can raise morality and its impact in our beloved country?

As I see it, we have two clear paths to the transformation of our culture from amorality to a biblically based morality. First, be moral in our own lives. This might seem to be an oversimplification, but if we are not willing to be what we think the world should be, we have no right to complain. Second, tell others about Jesus. Evangelism has been dying and, with its death, the influence of biblical morality on the people around us also has been declining.

If I believe I know a better way to live, and I see people in need of that experience, then I should share what I know! We are often great evangelists for our favorite car, computer, or sports team, usually because it feels safe. But Jesus did not call us to live safe lives; He called us to live transformative ones.




Phil 1:3