The arrival of Jesus had been talked about and prophesied for 1500 years. Daniel had nailed the prophetic dates so solidly that today we wonder how they missed his arrival.

But they really did not miss him. The church was paying attention to Jesus. They kept such a close eye on his that it almost seems that someone representing the church was at every meeting. Some among them became followers of Jesus. Many of the recorded conversations in the New Testament are between Jesus and various members of the church leadership.

They did not agree on many things but they all agreed that this Jesus person should be given the focus of their attention. They asked often about the things he was doing that did not fit their model of Messianic expectations.

“As we understand things mister Jesus, the Messiah will keep himself pure but you are eating with brazen sinners who are actually displaying their sin in public. How do you explain that? According to our traditional understanding it will require one perfectly kept Sabbath to bring about the end of the world, but you are not keeping it right. Please stop blowing it for everyone else.”

The church’s trouble with Jesus is that he keeps disrupting our certainty.

He was by church measurement a Sabbath breaker, a cavorter with sinners, of suspicious birth, from the wrong community; all in all a fail as a Messiah.

I worry about my expectations of the returning Messiah. If God will never fit in our boxes, why do I keep building them?

How about you? We talked about this last Sabbath. Have you been thinking about the expectations you have of Jesus, has he broken out of your box yet?

I promise the un-boxed Messiah is way more amazing.



Phil 1:3